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We prepare a unique culinary experience for the unique atmosphere of our restaurant
for your taste buds.

Here you can view our basic menu, the current offer of the day may vary, but you can always look forward to great food and atmosphere. 


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Grilled Feta cheese

mayonnaise with fermented lemon, carrot and fennel salad

Guacamole puree

Wakame Salad, Tortilla Chips

Fried beef tripe

smoky BBQ sauce


Leaf salad, goat cheese

orange, sesame dressing

160 CZK

165 CZK

145 CZK

205 CZK

Caesar salad

with chicken meat


Thai Chicken Soup

(Tom Kha Gai)

220 CZK

85 CZK


Varyo beef tartare

230 CZK

main course

Grilled broccoli

chedar cheese, cauliflower puree, hazelnuts

225 CZK

Baken salmon

herb veloute, pak choi, potato grain, potato gratin

Grilled duck breast 60°C 

hoisin sauce, sautéed mushrooms with broccoli


pickled sea buckthorn, mashed potatoes

Spicy beef jerky (rendang)

basmati rice

Beef Ball tip steak

pepper sauce, parsnip puree and English bacon


Pear with and passion fruit, grapeenfondant

vanilla ice cream, forest fruit sauce

410 CZK

380 CZK

285 CZK

290 CZK

420 CZK

170 CZK

Chocolate cake
brown butter ice cream

130 CZK

Crème brûlée

125 CZK

+ Daily offer

baby food

Chicken schnitzel
mashed potatoes

125 CZK

Information about the allergens contained will be provided by the staff at the customer's request

jídení lístek

drink menu

nápojový lístak

We'll send you all the good stuff by email.

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